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It’s Not Religion, It’s LOVE

It’s not religion, it’s love

It’s not religion,
How can it be?
I enjoy intimacy and relationship
I am daily showered with gifts and
I am highly favored and deeply loved by God.

I found out that religion oppresses people like me
Religion is offensive yet, they warn me not to take offense
Religion doesn’t allow me to voice my opinions
Jesus has nothing to do with it, I am certain.
After-all, He is love. Religion is an opposite of love.

I don’t have to do anything to prove my love for God
It’s all about Him, His love for me.
How can I ever love Him the way He loves me?
It’s a deep oneness unbreakable connection
It’s in my body, soul and spirit; complete!

Religion wants to tell me how to love Him
Religion say it’s not enough, I must do more, do that, when and how!
But why, is it about me, now?
Didn’t Jesus say it was finished at the cross?
I believe it was, so I am free, liberated from legalism.

Jesus loves me,
How I relate to Him is my unique and a personal spiritual journey.
Religion is about uniform, not unity!
Exploring all my God-given talents and gifts:
Sharing them with the world is my greatest form of worship.

What I am experiencing is not Religion. It’s LOVE!


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