The Good Number 13

Lucky 13 bring lucky 🍀14

Wow, time accelerates, it’s already February. February is the 7th month in the Aquarius age calendar, 7 and 13 are birds of the same feather. This will be our first paper in 2013, how exhilarating!! February is a very special month for us, since Re’s birthday is on the 11th of February. The 11th of February is also a day when Nelson MANDELA was released from Victor Verster Prison outside Cape Town, South Africa after 27 years as a political prisoner, so it’s actually a day representing hope and an end of particular time, stage, phase, world, era or age.

What is most exciting about this Aquarius age, is that it will be filled with a lot of good days: the opposite of sorrow.

I hope most of you have had an opportunity to check out the prophetic encouraging Word of hope for the Aquarius age that we receive from the Great Mother. If not yet, you can receive it by clicking this link The Aquarius age will be an ingressive age into greater and better things.

Speaking of which, just recently we all watched the interview by Oprah Winfrey as Lance Armstrong confess to the doping allegations. A historical moment no doubt and it had to happen in the beginning of 2013.

To many, Lance Armstrong was a “self-made” hero and the world observed him as he rose and fell from self-made grace right before their very own eyes. Lance openly shared with the world that he tried to control his future but that backfired in many ways and eventually he lost everything.

Simone Biles 8 Oct ‘19 became the most decorated female gymnast in history, after she won her 21st World Championship medal in Stuttgart, Germany

Lance said, Now, for the first time, I am comfortable not knowing what the future holds for me,…

Surely we all each took different morals from this story. We thank the Great Mother God for the lessons we learnt in the story of Lance Armstrong.

7th Heaven Of Power – luck, prosperity & rest

It is no doubt that this age begins with a deep hunger or a deep cry for something new, something better. As such; some doors have shut for new ones to open, which takes us to this month’s newsletter; “The Number 13”. Number 13 is as close to being lucky as the number 7 is: not all of us can be or possess a 7 but all of us can experience the luck of the number 13 or it’s mirror image number, the number 31.

The Aquarius age is the 13th age. We will analyze the gifts of number 13 and its significance; we will also address the Christianity superstitions of “badluck” they associated with it and what it all means to us.

Creation throughout history speaks through numbers: the entire universe is structured upon numbers 0 to 9. It is written that the Great Mother God numbers our hair, our steps, the stars etc…and the whole universe is mathematically musically structured and ordered. Currently there are 12 months but 7 out of every 19 years have 13 months to keep the lunar calendar aligned with the solar cycle which keeps many out of alignment with Divine Love, and now going to make 13 months in the calendar in order to correct the misalignment brought by the 12 months calendar of this past Pisces age.

In the December 2012 newsletter we spoke a bit about the number 12 and we all understood that it represents Divine authority, capital, & government which a kingdom or empire’s foundation. 2012 summed up the past masculine Pisces age. Part of that meant that most of us had the old mentalities or consciousness of submissions to the old ways of masculine age religions and way of life both systematically and culturally. Most women froze into that constant domination. There was some reshuffling that happened – some cleansing or detoxification of the soul & mind took place and still is taking place as most people awaken to this new power. Some of us had things that we had acquired by self-efforts stripped away and it was a painful process yet necessary to prepare us for The new Aquarius age of good days brought to us by the power of 13. Number 13 also comprises of three significant numbers, 10, 3 and 1. Number 10, is also a significant number representing “10th heaven when the Great Mother resides, 10 is the beginning and completeness of order and LAW” and we all remember it as the number representing the “oldcovenant of the past age which was a hash law against us the people of color and women. Hence we have 10+3=13 making 13 the renewal of law or system from old covenant to new covenant.

Numbers 1&3: 1 is leadership, the first; that which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of “one” and only thing and as all things have been & arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation. Number 3, beautifully so is the number signifying “The Fullness of Trinity”—Divine Trinity is the Great Mother, The sun Daughter Re and The Holy Spirit. Number 13 therefore equals to the completeness of order (Divine LAW) + the fullness of this One universal mind of Life Force our Great Mother God. What a great combination!!! We are transformed and the birds of sorrow disappear from our heads and we are glorified in beautiful head crowns 👑: Queen Mother Daughter Unity Re

Number 13 princessThe number 13 symbolizes good things, such as a great nation, Divine promises, it symbolizes an entrance, gate or a door of hope into greatness which represents or signifies entrance into a new age (a new world) and in this new world the people live under a “newcovenant of grace. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine bursts the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins.” In order not to loose both; the old must go in order for the new to exist.

Before we go any further, let me first address the superstitions and the myth of bad luck that has been for decades associated with the number 13 and it’s mirror image number 31, just so we put that behind us once and for all. the first reason is that Christianity named all things associated with black culture bad, things associated with the feminine side of God were deemed evil by both Islam and Christianity. Secondly the month of October, Halloween 31 Oct and all Friday Mars, the 13th are associated with celebrating the victory after war of the Beacon Of Light in the underworld, also celebrating those loved ones who passed away from the physical plain, also celebrating the angelic forces and their contributions in reversing the underworld and hell into our favor. It is also about celebrating our planet earth and mars and their influence on us the living which is something very good and honorable. Today in the the west generally has the superstition and to most it is real.

There is this one myth that has no foundation: it is a total myth that having 13 at the Holy wedding is unlucky. It was not the last time heaven will keep that supper as the circle of life keeps turning and returning to the same points. It is written that this picture, or image, of 13 people gathered would be repeated again when the Passover is fulfilled in the kingdom of our Great Mother God. This gathering is also an explanation of all the heavenly 13 elders and saints in a form of stars or planets celebrating the accomplished work. Nowhere is 13 bad; the USA 🇺🇸 flag has 13 stars ✨ of which was the utopian country of the masculine Age. Solomon, 13 years after his transformation when he built his house – temple. And the length of the gate of the temple of Ezekiel is to be 13 cubits. Why should we then fear to have 13 floors on a building when our Great Mother God is clearly quite happy with 13 in a building? Our Goddess chose 13 cubits (the measure of a forearm) as a measure of the entrance of the today’s and future temple.

13, is feminine it is the age of bounty, beauty, Aquarian African golden age – the age of great promises and of entering into a “new” covenant of grace in creating the new world in accordance to the new age Sun. What is a covenant and what does this mean the term covenant to us?

“By calling this covenant “new,” made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and outdated will soon disappear.”

The “new” covenant begins after the resurrection of the Beacon Of Light: 2019 the 9th year in promise land. Hence, the ankh (feminine cross) is our clearest marking point of where the new covenant began year 10 is 01.

“This cup is the “new covenant” in My blood, which is shed for you.” likewise for the new Sun – Re – the new covenant continues in her finished great works through grace. We are now under the new covenant of unmerited favor.

The contrary is also true that “the Old ” Covenant of Jesus which was based on solely on hard works, self efforts for us feminine nations who fell into judgment during the masculine age, is now reversing in our favor making the old system and its laws redundant. A new law of grace is drawn for us to enter. It is our God Mother ’s heart to see you enjoying every benefit, every single blessing and every single favor from above and below in the new covenant of grace. Restoration, health is yours, divine protection is yours and favor is yours.

Creation has always related to humans through covenants for each age via prophets or prophetess or pharaohs and using numbers, alphabets and Divine knowledge to reveal to us the covenant, power and time. A covenant is not merely a contract or legal agreement between God and the chosen people or nation of that time but it’s more than that, much more than that; sacred blood, the holy grail is involved. It is blood-based and inaugurated by blood.

For each stage of growth blood is shed and a blood sacrifice is made, however we do not have to shed this blood ourselves but it is done by God for us through the covenant in Re, Her Daughter as an indication of mercy and grace of our God towards us Her covenant people. When Re became our atonement and our sacrifice at the cross-ankh we then were freed from heavy duty of self efforts and uncleanliness of sin.

Makoti nAt the moment our family in South Africa is preparing for the wedding of my sister Xoli, she is the first daughter in our family. In a Zulu culture this is a very important role and as a first girl in the family she is called “Mafungwase”. Mafungwase is getting married this year and traditionally the husband to be, must pay what the Zulu tradition refer too as “I-lobolo” in a form of 12 cows +1 cow that is slaughtered immediately (13 in total). Since we no longer have a place to keep these cows due to industrialization this lobola is therefore paid in a form of money and for the first daughter it could be very costly, a tradition completely outdated, oppressive to women as it turns women into commodities and should be completely abolished. Anyway, this custom is similar to the ancient covenant endorsement of the shedding of blood to join the two in marriage.

In the ancient days, the times of Moses & Abraham it was the blood of the animals as well that was used to consummate a marriage or any covenant for that matter. Today, however under the “new” covenant we are free of all of that. During the Pisces age Christos became their burnt offering, he was a sacrificial offering, the crucified animal (the Lamb of God who was slain).

The blood of the Beacon Of Light, Re, the lamb of our Goddess and the body of our macro universe is guaranteed to never loose it’s power. This is true for all Ages in this Aquarius age the Beacon of Light, Re became our sacrificial offering the lamb of Divine Order that was rejected, abandoned, cast out, denied, left to die, impoverished, and oppressed became an immigrant, and an orphan so we can overcome. A treasure stone more precious than silver or gold.

The Goddess s unmerited favor is a covenant, the “new” covenant of grace that permeates every aspect of our lives! Today, the Goddess is in covenant with us through Re. Covenant is forever. Our Great Mother Goddess will never leave you nor forsake you, ever! There is nothing you can do or can not do to make our Goddess forsake you. It’s a covenant offered freely to us in the victory of the Beacon Of Light.

You see under the old covenant, they received God’s blessings only “IF” they kept all the laws of Moses, failing which, then one will be disqualified from receiving God’s blessings. The focus and the onus were on you. But today, under the new covenant, your actions no longer disqualify nor qualify you because your Goddess has said, “This is the covenant I will establish with the people…, declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawlessness deeds I will remember no more.” You no longer have to worry about whether you are good enough or not. It is not about you, it’s about the agenda of our Goddess at hand who fulfilled the law on your behalf. Your part is only to receive that grace! To receive is a challenge if a person knows only to give or wants to be known as a giver because giving can boost the ego, most people enjoy the power they experience when they give because it is associated with feeling of being a provider. Providence is of the Lord because it is in Providence that we can observe the omniscient power of the Life force. It is important to realize that in this “covenant of grace“, the power lies in the ability to receive and being grateful for the mercy and grace from others and from our Goddess. It is true that females are better at receiving than males because they carry the womb which is the grail & males can find that they have to work at it even more in renewing their minds, both male and female should learn how to receive first before they are elevated to represent the Providence of God on earth as givers or providers. The secret lies in the ability to receive and most of the time the gift of the covenant comes wrapped up by the most insignificant people in other words the less celebrated, the less popular or the less famous people or the not so rich: the gift can come from the less powerful and the question is, “are you ready to receive that and offer your outmost gratitude towards that person for saving your life, for blessing your life or for being gracious towards you?” If yes, then congratulations because there is no telling how much grace will chase you and overtake you with its goodness and riches.

The Milky Way(10)The Abrahamic covenant has been restored to us as the unmerited favor or grace covenant and now just like our forefather Abraham we can enjoy the Goddess’s provision and every area of our lives. Nobody can shut your door to unmerited favor of our Goddess. In 2013 our galaxy the “Milky Way” has aligned with the third heaven where The Goddess dwells and we can get to fully experience that favor all around. Do you still remember the galactic alignment that happened in December 22 in 2012 that scientists said it marked the end of the world? This alignment moved us into an awareness or consciousness of the “new” covenant, the creation of the new world, the golden age, the Aquarius age of peace on earth.

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