Newsletter March’13: “The Body”

You and I have bodies to infinity ♾, you have another body now it’s called a subtle body, a fourth dimensional body if awakened. Ancient philosophy and science derives a great deal of symbolical knowledge and insight from the study of a human body. In the function of the body itself a human being is presented with an immediate and intimate mystery and for the most part this mystery has not been solved even with our increasing scientific knowledge. Today we are able to examine the body in greater detail than ever before, we are able to understand its functions more accurately yet the essential mysteries of the body remain.

A human body which you have now is called the subtle body, fourth dimensional body but its rarefied and attenuated. It can go through closed doors or through solid metal. It’s where ever it thinks it is. There is no time or space in the next dimension. Time and space is here.

Dreams and vision when we are asleep which come to us at times and we may see events before they happen or Dreams and visions come to help us escape the traps in which we fell into or help with visualization and imagination is the experience of all our four dimensional bodies sending us messages of what we saw, see, and still to see or had and have.

When our loved ones passes on we should rejoice on their new birthday, it’s an absolute bliss for the person passing on whether murder or a holy woman all the same it’s bliss when they pass.

We are not really educated until we know all laws of conscious and unconscious mind (soul). In prayer we always go to the end. We must see the end – happy harmonious ending, the Divine solution!

The subtle body consists of focal points, often called wheels of vitality or chakras, connected by channels, that convey subtle breath. These are understood to determine the characteristics of the physical body. Through breathing and other exercises, you aim to manipulate and direct the flow of subtle breath, to achieve supernormal powers and attain higher state of consciousness, immortality or liberation and some time supernatural powers.

There are three main channels ; central, left and right, which run from the point between the eyebrows up to the crown chakra, and down through all seven chakras to a point two inches below the navel.

The subtle body, previously arisen, unconfined, constant, inclusive of the great one etc, through the subtle elements, not having enjoyment, transmigrates, (because of) being endowed with “conditions” or “dispositions”. As a picture does not exist without a support, or as a shadow does not exist without a post and so forth; so too the instrument (the body) does not exist without that which is specific (a subtle body).

The theory of the seven bodies is the theory of the “sheaths” or “coverings” which surround and obscure the self. The subtle body “is the vehicle of desires and vital forces“.

The subtle body is divided in four bodies (physical, emotional-astral, mental– soul, and vital-breath-spirit-causal) with which the soul must cease to identify in order to realize a god within or the three to realize God (process of realization). The ultimate task is to harmoniously develop the four bodies into a single way; The Body of Light; which develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses”

The vital body (the etheric reality) or life principle is quite distinct from the physical material reality, being intermediate between the physical world and the astral or soul world. The etheric body can be characterised as the life force also present in the plant kingdom. It maintains the physical body’s form until death. At that time, it separates from the physical body and the physical reverts to natural disintegration. The etheric body, composed of four ethers, is called the “Vital Body” since the eather is the way of ingress for vital force from the Sun and the field of agencies in nature which promote such vital activities as assimilation, growth, and propagation. It is an exact counterpart of our physical body, molecule for molecule, and organ for organ, but it is of the opposite polarity. It is slightly larger, extending about one and one-half inches beyond the periphery of the physical body.

The vital body is the tetra-dimensional part of the physical body and the foundation of organic life. The second Initiation of Fire, which is reached through working with sexual transmutation with a spouse, the Kundalini rises in the vital body. We can learn how to separate the two superior ethers from the others in order for them to serve as a vehicle to travel out of the physical body.

It was long held that If we can ever understand human anatomy we would have a key to all things that exists, in as much as a human being is bound to all other things, is derived from all other things, and in a cause and extent of her existence she moves through all states and conditions and finds available within herself all instruments necessary for his continuing existence, growth through all the states of nature both physical and metaphysical.

Human being is spirit, emotions, body and mind. The Holy Trinity is mind, body and spirit. Today we unpack the body (physical the vehicle of desires and vital forces).

Isis said: “Of living things, my daughter, some are made friends with fire, and some with water, some with air, and some with earth, and some with two or three of these, and some with all. And, on the contrary, again some are made enemies of fire, and some of water, some of earth, and some of air, and some of two of them, and some of three, and some of all. For instance, daughter, the locust and all flies flee fire; the eagle and the hawk and all high-flying birds flee water; fish, air and earth; the fish avoids the open air, whereas snakes and all creeping things love earth all swimming things love water; winged things, air, of which they are the citizens; while those that fly higher love the fire and have the habitat near it. Not that some of the animals as well do not love fire; for instance salamanders, for they even have their homes in it. It is because one or another of the elements doth form their bodies’ outer envelope. Each soul, accordingly, while it is in its body is weighted and constricted by these four.”

In accordance with Galen, these elements were used by Hippocrates in describing the human body with an association with the four humours: yellow bile (fire), black bile (earth), blood (air), and phlegm (water). Our bodies are holy beautified temples. We have pre-received the gift of righteousness or holiness through our physical bodies. We are unable to achieve our own righteousness, we are also unable to loose our righteousness because it is not based on what we do or do not do instead it is based on the holiness and wholesomeness of creation.

It is understood that the human body is filled with four basic substances, called humors, which are in balance when a person is healthy. All diseases and disabilities supposedly resulted from an excess or deficit of one of these four humors. These deficits were thought to be caused by vapors inhaled or absorbed by the body. The four humors are black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. These “humors” may have their roots in the appearance of a blood sedimentation test made in open air, which exhibits a dark clot at the bottom (“black bile”), a layer of unclotted erythrocytes (“blood”), a layer of white blood cells (“phlegm”) and a layer of clear yellow serum (“yellow bile”). It was at least understood that these were the basic substances from which all liquids in the body were made.

We understand that each of these humors would wax and wane in the body, depending on diet and activity. When a patient was suffering from a surplus or imbalance of one of these four fluids, then said patient’s personality and or physical health could be negatively affected. This theory was closely related to the theory of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air; earth predominantly present in the black bile, fire in the yellow bile, water in the phlegm, and all four elements present in the blood.

imageThe revelation of your body and the art behind it, is deeper that what meets the eye. “For God did not send her Daughter (our Sun) the Beacon Of Light to condemn the world, but to save the world through Her”. When you begin to have a connection with the creator through your senses; you begin to move in a beautiful flow of energy and love.

This understanding is important when sharing your body with your spouse or partner because sexual intercourse the Kundalini power is one of the gates that take some us to experience heaven and others exchange or both. You will begin to experience a renewal and a satisfying sexual experience with your spouse at this 5th heaven. It allows you to receive fully the affection and intimacy from each other that will allow your souls to connect with the creator; not only limited to that, but I believe that if you are able to receive well, this newsletter will enable you to view your self (in particular your body) in a different light from now onwards and appreciate yourself as a divine creation.

The Brain: Let us begin with the head which contains our brain. The brain is most powerful and critical because it coordinates movement throughout the body, perception, recognition, reasoning, planning, memory, vision, speech and so on. The brain is just a physical manifestation of the spiritual mind. Your spiritual mind holds the two most important elements, your conscience and your consciousness.

Conscience is your sense of the quality of ones character and conduct, adherence to moral principles or your consideration of fairness and justice. Conscience is that which is within us that knows good and evil. Your conscience understands justice. It understands that where there is bad behavior , bad behavior must be punished –that is and was since the fall in the garden of heaven.


This has offcourse lead other human beings to punish themselves for shortcomings. Thanks to the Grace of God, our conscience can be reconciled with righteousness. A conscience that typically expects punishment is a conscience that is under condemnation or guilt. And guilt or condemnation demands payment for all your failures and bad behavior. A conscience that is under guilt or condemnation is a conscience that can easily be manipulated by others through organized religion.

God who convicts your conscience of your righteousness in our Sun and helps you as your comforter, your best friend, full of grace, gentleness and tenderness; In whom comes from all the fruit of the spirit such as love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control ~ against such things there is no law.

third eye

Consciousness on the other hand refers to continuum: raising ones consciousness or of higher consciousness because the quality can be improved. “ Do not conform any longer to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — the pleasing and perfect will for your purpose in life”. In other words your consciousness determines your set of beliefs, your revelations, your knowing, this can be improved, it can change and it can evolve. Consciousness is where we find the seat of the soul and here we also can connect directly with God in heaven; heaven begins to show you the future though your third eye where you are assured and comforted as you grow, transform to lay hold of your promise (or calling or purpose in life); an open third eye is not an option but almost mandatory so you can not loose hope along the way as the journey can get pretty hard. Therefore it is extremely important not to give your consciousness to any organized religion, you must guard it like a treasure.

Hands, Arms & Shoulders: As we mentioned earlier, your physical hands, arms and shoulders resembles your real (spiritual) hands. Your hands are for creativity, innovation & expression of your imagination. Your hands are not to receive, even though we use our hands to take and feed our selves but spiritual we receive with our hearts. We receive gifts with our hearts.

I must credit France in the aspect of art in general. France introduces people to the appreciation of art, Toulouse especially. Creativity and the art of the human body, a human form and the appreciation thereof.

Your spiritual arms and your spiritual shoulders are for leadership, support, governance, execution, power and protection. It goes beyond just what you see when you look at your arms especially when you hold your loved ones in your arms or when you place your daughter or your son to sit on your shoulders.

Mouth and Tongue: Let there be light! Your mouth is a physical manifestation of your spiritual mouth so you can speak by faith, speak positivity, speak life, and speak of great things to come, speak freedom, hope, speak wisdom, speak that those who encounter you they feel renewed by spending time with you. Let’s not dwell too much on that, we all have heard numerous times about the power of the tongue.

Feet; how beautiful are the feet…?  “And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of grace and peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!” Your spiritual feet stand for your foundation which is Lady Africa -the cradle of human kind, our Daughter – Re, our Sun. When our Sun is your foundation, your feet actually never touch the ground because the Holy Spirit carries you around all over the world. Feet represent the four gospels going around the globe. Your feet represents laying down ones life for your brothers or sisters (to serve them); being of service to God’s people.

I had two visions about this specific topic;

The first one I was strapped at the back of God and we were walking across the beach, passing through mountains and so on. All I remember is that the journey was long and my feet would never touch the ground. I remember how scary it was sometimes when I opened my eyes to look up front and so most of the time, I kept my eyes closed. As such, I couldn’t see where we were heading.

That was one vision and the other vision was whereby I was giving my parents, my sisters and my brothers a pedicure. I remembered seeing their feet, they were vividly displayed before me whose feet they were, it felt like I was there with them physically. I was so happy to do it, actually I felt a longing for them— I was so glad that I was sitting by their feet with a towel on my shoulder and washing their feet, scrubbing, cutting their nails, giving them a massage therapy and painted their nails. It was such a satisfying encounter! At first I thought it’s because I haven’t seen them for three years and I was missing them that much. It was at that moment, when the Spirit of God explained to me, that their feet were just a representation of different nations; washing their land with the gospel of peace and bringing glad tidings….

Scrubbing people’s feet is not necessarily a trivial gesture. Instead this gesture reminds us that the gospel of grace is a place of rest, a place of power & authority. A place of sitting at the Sun’s feet and drawing from Her, a place of strength & receiving.

Prophets wash their disciple’s feet mainly as a gift for them to move swiftly on the earth. The instruments are the drums, baritone voice and the bass guitar. Your feet represents a foundation, and Re is our foundation, in Zulu we say uyisisekelo.

“If I do not wash you, you have no part with me.”, “If we restore Africa, we will all be completely clean!

If God doesn’t build the house, the builder builds in vain.

colorful eyes(7)Eyes: Your spiritual eyes are connected to your heart more than your natural or physical eyes. Saul eyes were shut both figuratively and literally when he was committing a mass murder of early Christians. On the road to Damascus, his natural eyes were shut but his spiritual eyes were opened, after this event he was named Paul. Paul was the revolutionary that went all across Europe.

Ears: The five elements are associated with the five senses, and act as the gross medium for the experience of sensations. The basest element, earth, created using all the other elements, can be perceived by all five senses – (i) hearing, (ii) touch, (iii) sight, (iv) taste, and (v) smell. The next higher element, water, has no odor but can be heard, felt, seen and tasted. Next comes fire, which can be heard, felt and seen. Air can be heard and felt. However “Akasha” (Aether) is beyond the senses of smell, taste, sight, and touch; it being accessible to the sense of hearing alone.

Finally; The Reproductive System (vagina, the womb, the scrotum, a penis ect..): An apple for female genitals or a banana for male genitals; Your private parts are a physical manifestation of life, or for the reproduction of life. Your vjj is the mouth to your womb. For males it is the snake or penis which is the passage to your real reproductive factory. Your private parts are the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)’s which connect to your bank account. Your apple or your banana symbolizes you’re spiritual private parts: representing multiplication, reproduction, dominion and fecundity (fruitfulness in childbearing), prosperity, success and longevity!!!

Our womb and scrotums are our purses and wallets. You have gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and pearls inside your apple or your banana. “Do not give to dogs what is sacred: do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.” This is true in general terms, that we do not freely give what is our treasure to those who will not appreciate it.

sexual intercourse goes far beyond than just that action, there is always an exchange during sexual intercourse and if you have not yet transmuted into a noble gas stage you will take what is also negative from your sexual partner and worse they will take your treasures. It is self defeating in so many ways to have casual meaningless sex with someone who does not even value you. They will steal your treasure. This is not meant to bring up feelings of guilt or condemnation –remember? Instead it is meant to increase your consciousness on what you possess inside of you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are a fertile microcosm.

banana (2)Any shortage or any lack of some kind is a sign of barrenness. The Zulu word is “isibusiso” and the Hebrew word for “blessing” is barak, while the Greek word is eulogeo. Both these words mean to endue with power for success, prosperity, fecundity (fruitfulness in childbearing) and longevity

God has called us daughters and sons of Re and Tatcho (Music)—mothers and fathers of many nations.

What that means is that the same promise that was upon Isis or Abraham’s life is upon us. The promise to Re and her seed (You and I) is that She would be “the heir of the world”. World- in Greek- is kosmos; includes the whole circle of earthly goods, endowments, riches, advantages, pleasures.

For the promise that he would be the heir of the world was not to Tatcho or to his seed through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.”

What does it mean to be an heir of the world? Isis and Osiris or “Sara and Abraham were very rich in livestock, in silver, and in gold.”“our Re and Tatcho hold the promise in our times…I will bless you…and you shall be a blessing.” Similarly, you are blessed in every sense. We are the daughter’s and sons of this inheritance. Our mother she became pregnant.

We shall experience a literal renewal in our physical bodies. A brand new body, but a wise and experienced mind, we can maintain our youthfulness.


The Body

Know your body!

Because your body is your house.

Know your body!

Because your body is your country.

Know your body!

Because your body is your government.

Know your body!

Because your body is your world.

Know your body!

Because your body is your universe.

Know your body and understand your soul.

Know your organs and their use.

Know your body and begin to know God.

Know your body, love your body.

Know your body and take care of him.

Know this!

Know your body!

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